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alanesq's Journal

Alan, Esq.
27 June 1973
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I'm too young for a mid-life crisis.
I am the proverbial nice Jewish boy from New Jersey. Like many before me, I went to law school and worked many years in a huge NYC law firm, working 7 days a week and billing 3,000 hours a year. The money was nice and so was the view from the window. However, that life only goes in one direction, and so now I am at a crossroads. I think I might stop here and ask for directions.
More about me: I am happily married to my beautiful and intelligent wife, lisavnyc, who runs an internationally known alternative film festival, CineKink.
I firmly believe in personal freedom and liberty. I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal, which often leaves me without a political party. I like to write about politics, sports, free speech, and sexual freedoms.
If what I write doesn't offend you; just keep reading.